Author Name

Simply enter the name of the author that you are looking for. All results for this author will appear.

Searching for Takashi Iwai will return the commits that were authored by Takashi, or where his name shows up in the log message.

Commit Hash

Enter the 40-character commit hash if you have it. Only that commit will be returned in the results.

Searching for 8eb88c80d444fd249edaa7d895666cde79e7b3b8 will return a single item, the merge with this commit hash.

File Name

Enter the names of the files that you want to investigate.

Searching for arch/arm/common/Makefile will return commits that work with this file. The commits may also work with other files.


Searching by keywords from the commit log can return results. Searching for loop: handle on-demand devices correctly will return the commit with these terms in the log.


Dates are taken into account when searching for commits. Searching for 2011 will return results that contain


The filters can be combined to further remove results from the pool. The query David Miller 2011 will only return commits that have David Miller and 2011 occurring somewhere in the author list, logs, and date.

This is the largest merge in the database, merging 6809 individual commits, with 7217 total repository events. This merge-tree works with the networking component of the kernel.

Andrew Morton mm 2011

Captures the commits and merges that involve Andrew Morton and the memory module of the kernel. Most of the results are authored or committed in 2011, though some are not, and only have a textual reference to 2011 in the commit log.

8eb88c80d444fd249edaa7d895666cde79e7b3b8 2010
This query will not return any results since the commit with this hash was written in 2008 and has no references to 2010.


The search terms must match the term in the commit verbatim for that commit to be identified. This means that if the commit has a typo in the log and you want that commit to show up, you must search using that typo. It also means that if you are searching by commit hash, the entire 40 characters of the commit hash must be used in the query.

All search terms must apply to every commit selected. Querying for "2011" and "2007", will only return the commits that have both 2011 AND 2007 somewhere in either the authorship date, the committed date, or in the log.

The engine uses a bag-of-words representation for the commits. It strips whitespaces, stop-words, and punctuations from both queries and commit metadata. This has the most impact on dates since it won't be able to differentiate 2011-04-05 from 2011-05-04.

Note: These are limitations in the implementation of the search engine, not the merge-tree design.